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Be the Envy

If you are an auto enthusiast, you know that piloting a Corvette is a most exhilarating and rewarding experience.  Accelerating full throttle down a highway or setting sail around a sharp curve elicits an unmatched level of focus, skill and power.  It draws the envy of the average commuter and the threatening attention from lesser sports cars.  Your pride is heightened.  The speed is insatiable.  You delight in the menacing sound of the Corvette’s throaty V8.  You pleasure in the intimidation it brings to the next car ahead.
Stretch the pride and passion in your Corvette.  Ominous Motorsports makes reaching your car’s full potential straightforward and defined.  
  •  Tell us you year, model, color, and factory options
  •  We’ll recommend a tasteful, custom performance & appearance package.
  •  Let us handle the installation.
  •  Perfect your car to the final detail, including precision paint correction, polishing, and sealant.
  • Leverage our network of hundreds of fellow car hobbyists to match with your dream car, next investment, or prime buyer.
 We are Corvette OwnersWe are Performance EnthusiastsWe are Corvette Perfectionists.