Sunday, January 13, 2013

2014 C7 Corvette Reveal -- Return of the STINGRAY!

GM took the breath away from enthusiasts today in revealing perhaps the most radical design change of the Corvette since the inception of the 1963 Stingray.  In confirming one of the worst kept secrets in automotive design, the engineers at Chevrolet demonstrated they are not afraid to break molds and try something new.  Sharper lines, wider stance, and loss of the wrap-around glass are noticeable departures from the C6.  In the something borrowed category, Team Corvette resurrected the Stingray sub-branding along with the LT1 engine code and a drivers cockpit bearing unmistakable resemblance to the C4.  This writer applauds the development team from GM, and doubts seriously Chevrolet dealers will have difficulty filling the order queue for this machine.  On the downside, those craving ZR1-level performance are going to have to wait to see what the General has in store for more HP.

The below linked, 30 minute review by Car & Driver provides insights into the following new features:

Direct Injection technology delivers fuel directly into the combustion chamber to achieve maximum thermal and combustion efficiency. More than 6 million hours of computational analysis went into developing the combustion system alone. The result is an impressive 11.5:1 compression ratio that increases torque, power and fuel efficiency.

Variable Valve Timing, which optimizes camshaft timing to improve high-rpm horsepower and low-end torque. An intelligent position sensor detects engine-operating conditions and adjusts the timing of intake and exhaust valves. The result is increased power or torque when needed (and who doesn’t need that?).

Interior luxury, with an accent on perfection in every line, stitch and more. Craftsmanship at its utmost! Honest materials also is key. When it’s leather it’s Grade A leather. If it looks like aluminum, it is aluminum … you get the idea.

Active Fuel Management (AFM) means you get peak power when you need (or want) it and fuel efficiency when you don’t. The process deactivates four cylinders when cruising at consistent speeds and offers all eight cylinders with one touch of the accelerator. AFM is utilized or disabled at the driver’s discretion.

• A 7-speed manual transmission complements the LT1 V8 powerhouse that propels the new Stingray. Rear transaxle location enables an ideal 50/50 vehicle weight balance. Intelligent sensors anticipate gear selections and match engine speed for smooth transitions during both upshifts and downshifts.   

• A driver mode selector provides five models with up to 12performance variables to customize the car for any road. With the optional Z51 Performance Package, available Performance Traction Management offers five settings of torque reduction and brake intervention for more confident driving on the road. The machine serves the driver.